Fr Bill German

As many of you know, Fr Bill German has been dealing with some serious health concerns over the summer and has spent much time in hospital and at Providence Centre recovering and gaining strength. He is doing much better and we are grateful for all the prayers and good wishes people have sent his way. In consultation with him, it has been decided by the Jesuit Provincial that Fr Bill be reassigned to the Jesuit infirmary in Pickering. He moved into the infirmary this past week. This is a big change, as Fr Bill was assigned to Our Lady of Lourdes in 1986. We are so grateful for his presence here, for how he made us laugh and how he shared his love for Christ and his love for each of us. As his strength increases, we hope that he won‟t be a stranger but will continue to be active here through regular visits.

Fr John will speak with Fr German about having a great celebratory Mass and evening in gratitude for his wonderful years of service once he feels able. To Fr Bill we say thank you and send our love and prayers!

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2018 Oct 26 - 18:00
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2018 Nov 2 - 17:32