Rite of Election

Sun, 2016-02-14 10:00 - 16:00

Today, Sunday, February 14th, adults who have been preparing for the sacrament of Baptism in our parish will celebrate the Rite of Election with Cardinal Collins at St Paul’s Basilica. This celebration, which normally takes place at the beginning of Lent, marks the entrance into the period of final, more intense, preparation for the sacraments of initiation, during which the “elect” are encouraged to follow Christ with increasing generosity of heart. Based on the testimony of godparents and catechists and of the catechumens’ reaffirmation of their intention and desire, the Church makes its “election,” that is their choice and admission of those who are ready to take part in the sacraments of initiation. This step is called election because the acceptance made by the Church is founded on the election made by God, in whose name the Church acts. It is also called the enrollment of names because the candidates sign their names in the book that lists those chosen for initiation. As a community of faith, we are asked to surround these catechumens, and all who are preparing for the sacraments with our prayers and to accompany them in an ever-deepening encounter with Christ. 

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