Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Wed, 2016-04-27 12:00 - 13:00

The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition urges you to attend a rally on Wednesday April 27th at the local office of your Member of Parliament (MP Bill Morneau) scheduled from 12:00-1:00pm. The purpose of the rally is to oppose euthanasia and assisted suicide and to express your concern with the illusion of safeguards and the dangerous language in Bill C-14, a buill most-assuredly contrary to Catholic values, and presently before the stage of the 2nd Reading in our Parliament. Contact EPC for posters and information.

You can also sign the online petition at EPC here to express your concern, as as a member of our Parish in Toronto-Centre and visit the relevant section of Open Parliament here to see the record of any activity (or lack thereof) in the House regarding this article of State-Sponsored Suicide legislation here.

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