Outreach to the Housebound

Majo Saavedra, a parishioner here at Our Lady of Lourdes is currently conducting a study in the parish for her final project for Ryerson University. This project, looking at community engagement, will involve people who are experiencing challenges in staying connected to the parish community due to illness and infirmity. We are looking for input regarding people's needs and what the parish might be able to provide in the way of community, assistance and support. If you are someone who has begun to experience difficulty in remaining connected to the parish due to health concerns and would like to join the study, or know somebody who is home-bound, please contact the Parish Office at 416-924-6257. The findings of the study will contribute to developing a ministry of outreach to members of our parish who find themselves no longer able to attend Mass. Thank you. 

Upcoming Events

Shepherds' Trust
2017 Nov 19 - 08:00
Social Outreach Mini Fair
2017 Nov 19 - 09:30
Eucharistic Ministers' Workshop
2017 Nov 26 - 09:30