32nd Sunday (Note & Bulletin)

When I first entered the Jesuits a Jesuit priest asked me when was I going to stop worrying about my lack of fidelity to God and focus on God’s fidelity to me.  Most of us are concerned about our difficulties in living the Christian life, that is, our own lack of being faithful.  It’s normal for us to worry about such things such as, the consistency and length of our prayer, or if we get distracted during Mass, and whether or not we say or do things that we wish we hadn’t.  While it’s normal to think and worry about these things, and perhaps even struggle with them, there are some things that are infinitely more important.  St Paul writes that “the Lord is faithful.”  If God is faithful, it means that there is nothing that we can think, say, or do, that can ever remove the faithful love of God.

When I say mean things or perhaps lose my patience with others, I feel ashamed but my shame cannot overpower the knowledge in my heart that I’m still held within the Father’s love.  When we try to live our Christian life more honestly, I don’t think it comes from a sense of guilt or fear.  Instead, my desire to become more loving comes from the knowledge in my heart that God is always faithful.  God is faithful because he is always in love with each of us.  The absoluteness of God’s faithful love may sometimes be doubted by us, but it cannot be denied.

St Paul writes that God is always faithful. Our Lord Jesus, over and over again, always reveals this to us.  If we be saint or sinner we are always welcomed into the presence of the Lord.  God’s love is being offered to us, so let’s take it.

In the Gospel, the Sadducees ask Jesus about the resurrection.  It’s an interesting question, because the Sadducees did not believe in the Resurrection.  We may sometimes personally wonder if we are good enough to get to heaven.  The Church teaches that since we are loved by God, it is illogical to say that God would condemn some of us.  The Church teaches that those who go to hell freely say no to God’s gift of eternal love.  So again, as St Paul writes, if this God is faithful, then our call is to understand this in our hearts and to therefore say yes to God and his love. 

The resurrection is a reality we can begin to enjoy now.  By saying no to pride and fear, and yes to his love, we begin to walk in the reality of the fullness of life.  In answer to the Sadducees, Christ said that God is not a God of the dead, but of the living.  And so Church, let us walk more deeply in the land of the living.  Let us know in our hearts that God is faithful.  Let us know in our hearts that God is faithful because his love is always offered, no matter what.  And if it is offered, let’s take it.

God Bless & Take Care!

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