Refugee Update

As you may recall the Refugee Family our Parish is sponsoring is hopefully due to arrive in the next three months. A donation tree will be in the South Sherbourne St foyer of the church. If you would like to contribute household goods to the family, please stop by at the end of Mass today. Please bring donated goods to Bernadette Hall over the next two Sundays. Thanks to the generosity of one of our parishioners, we have storage space beginning May 1st, at which point we will be able to receive larger items. Our next need will be to get transport for these goods to take them to the storage facility. Thank you for your generosity and your continuing prayers. 

Upcoming Events

Canadian Martyrs' Novena
2018 Sep 17 - 16:30
Feast of the Canadian Msrtyrs
2018 Sep 26 - 08:00
Blessing of Pets
2018 Sep 30 - 15:00