Working Wonders

Working wonders for those who need help in our neighbourhood.... Working with St Elizabeth HealthCare, ShareLife, through Catholic Charities, has implemented a shared services initiative that has provided support to agencies in the areas of human resources (16 agencies) and financial services (5 agencies). Now in its 4th year of activity, agencies participating in this initiative report that they are able to improve quality, competency and accuracy of their work in these areas. Some Executive Directors reported on the impact of this initiative to their agency ¬

“Before, I was in way over my head, but trying to do my best. Now, I have expertise at my own disposal and feel comfortable.”

ShareLife Sunday is June 4th, 2017.. please help to provide support for your neighbourhood's less fortunate. Thank you for your generosity.

Upcoming Events

Potluck Party
2018 Oct 26 - 18:00
Feast of All Souls: In Memoriam
2018 Nov 2 - 17:32