Feast of St Ignatius

Monday, July 31st, is the Feast of St Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Jesuits. He was born in 1491 and as a young man was a soldier. In 1521 he was wounded during a siege at the fortress in Pamplona and it would be during his convalescence that he would begin to read the Life of Christ and undergo conversion. He began writing the Spiritual Exercises in 1522. His faith led him to Pilgrimage of the Holy Land and on several mendicant tours through Europe. Ignatius and several others, called companions, worked in hospitals, studied and gave the Spiritual Exercises and were ordained to the priesthood. These companions would become the Jesuits. The fruits of Ignatius’ faith are still with us today in the Spiritual Exercises and the apostolic work of the Jesuits here at Lourdes and around the world. Ignatius was a man of faith, of calm hope and adaptability. His faith led him to a great generosity of spirit and a life of self- giving to God. 

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2018 Oct 26 - 18:00
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2018 Nov 2 - 17:32