30th Ordinary Sunday (Note & Bulletin)

When I first entered the Jesuits, we were told a story by a priest who had spent some time working with Mother Teresa in India.  He said that he used to watch Mother Teresa at Mass, especially when she received Communion.  He was captivated by the beautiful expression on her face as she received and consumed the Sacrament.  On another occasion, he saw her caring for a sick person.  While he was somewhat shocked by the sick persons appearance, he saw the same expression on Mother Teresa’s face as he had seen at Mass.  He said that he didn’t understand why she had the same beautiful expression when she received the Lord in the Sacrament as when she was caring for a sick person?  He asked her and she said it was because she was seeing the same thing, that is, she was seeing the Lord Jesus.  In this week’s Gospel, we are given a gift in which the world and its people are not separated from God.  Rather, we are presented with a faith that sees and experiences ourselves and the other person through one’s faith and experience of God.

The Lord, in answer to the question of the lawyer, says that the greatest Commandment is to “love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.”  Not finished just yet, Jesus continues, “and a second is like it: ‘You shall Love your neighbour as yourself.’”  The response of the Lord and the teaching He gives to us is the path of Love.  But the path is not merely a way to be kind and to be loving.  I think it also involves an understanding in our hearts of the why, why we are to be loving?  In faith we profess that God is our Creator and God is our Father.  This means that we are God’s children, His sons and daughters.  And as God’s sons and daughters we again understand in our hearts that we are tenderly loved by the Father’s love.  We are coming to understand in our hearts that God’s fatherly Love is always offered and given to us.  Even when we make our mistakes or are not conscious of our desire and need of Him, God’s pours forth from His heart into our hearts and life.  We are never separated from God but alive in Him and His Love   As we come to accept this of ourselves, the world and its people also begin to change.  

The friend and the stranger are no longer seen as being removed or isolated from each of us.  We understand in our hearts that “if I am God’s child, then so too is my neighbour, and they are loved by the same love I’m loved with.”  As we each seek to “love our neighbour as ourselves,” we remember the story of Mother Teresa - we love the Father when we love the Father’s child.  It can never be true that we profess the opposite, that is, to love the Father but hate His child.  We may have our disagreements, or likes and dislikes, but we still love.  And we love because He has first loved us; we forgive and show mercy because He has first been merciful; we are compassionate and caring because He has first been compassionate; and, we serve because He has first served us.  Our world is not meant to be divided because we are not meant to be divided.  Instead, we see the world and others as we see ourselves – loved with the Love of the Father.

Take Care, and God Bless!

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