Food Bank

It is located at 275 Bleecker St on the Southeast corner, set aside from the entrance.  The boundaries are from Bloor St south to Wellesley St and Yonge St east to the Don Valley.  If you reside outside our boundaries, please call the Daily Break Food Bank at 416-203-0050 for a referral to a Food Bank near you.  Each newcomer to the Food Bank is interviewed privately.

We're aware that our clients may have individual circumstances and that special situations do occur, so please do not be afraid to ask about your personal concerns. New registrations are on Monday and Wednesday from 1:00–3:00pm, and for more information please call 416-972-0630.

Upcoming Events

Alpha - Winter 2019
2019 Jan 22 - 18:00
February Fiesta
2019 Feb 2 - 18:30
Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes
2019 Feb 11 - 19:00