Church Renovations

Renovations on the church are scheduled to start the first week of August and continue through November. Work begins on the foundation and the bricks and so you will soon notice scaffolding, fencing and a boom-lift for the brick work. A number of parking spots in the south-west corner (near the rectory) will need to be designated for construction materials and a trailer. This will make our parking lot a little smaller for the next few months. Also, while work on the bricks goes on, you are encouraged not to park in those spots nearest the work, as falling debris might hit and damage your car. Please be mindful of the workers and be careful around the construction being done. Be aware of any signs posted or areas that are fenced off. Your generosity has made this work to keep our beautiful church standing possible. Thank you. We also appreciate all your patience and consideration and will keep you up to date and informed on developments. Thank you. 

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