June 2013

Pastor's Note

This past Saturday we had a wonderful Bazaar, but more importantly, I saw a wonderful community.  I was here last year for the Bazaar in June but perhaps because I was so new, it impacted me much less than this year’s.

Pastor's Note

In the Christian tradition we can generally have two images of God. The first image is of God as a strict judge.  This God seems almost to anticipate our sinfulness and is ever ready to punish or even condemn.

Pastor's Note - June 9, 2013

In my third year in the Jesuits I remember feeling that living the vocation was impossible.  My first two years had felt

Note from the Pastor's Desk

Having celebrated four consecutive weeks of First Communions, we’re well primed for this week’s Feast of Corpus Christi, that is, the Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ.

Upcoming Events

The Way of The Cross
2018 Feb 23 - 19:00
Black History Month Concert
2018 Feb 26 - 19:00
The Way of The Cross
2018 Mar 2 - 19:00
Rummage Sale
2018 Mar 3 - 09:30
The Way of The Cross
2018 Mar 9 - 19:00
The Way of The Cross
2018 Mar 16 - 19:00
Volunteer Tax Clinic
2018 Mar 17 - 10:00
The Way of The Cross
2018 Mar 23 - 19:00