September 2014

26th Sunday (Note & Bulletin)

I remember as a kid, our priest would often joke that we were all Christians while at Mass but when we tried to exit the crowded parking lot, things were different. Soon after praying together, exchanging the Sign of Peace and receiving the Eucharist we became like little monsters – car horns beeped, cars were cut-off, looks were exchanged, and sometimes, hand gestures were shared.

25th Sunday (Note & Bulletin)

While I was in the Philippines, part of the Jesuit program was to be sent out into the remote Mountain Province to assist with the Novena before Christmas. All of the churches we were to be sent to also served even more remote villages. A priest may visit these small chapels only a few times a year.

Rites of Catholic Initiation for Adults

Are you considering become Roman Catholic? The Rite of Catholic Initiation for Adults or RCIA is for you. The RCIA is designed for those who are thinking about or would like to be Baptized and for those who have been baptized but not Confirmed.

Fr Bill German

As many of you know, Fr Bill German has been dealing with some serious health concerns over the summer and has spent much time in hospital and at Providence Centre recovering and gaining strength. He is doing much better and we are grateful for all the prayers and good wishes people have sent his way.

Triumph of The Cross (Note & Bulletin)

For my “Long Experiment” as a Jesuit Novice, I was sent to work on a Native Reserve. My main assignment was teaching religion classes in the local elementary school. At the school I became friends with one of the teachers who had left the church to become “Born Again.” He was a wonderful young man and a devout Christian.

23rd Sunday (Note & Bulletin)

A few years ago at Camp Ekon one of our camp counselors had a difficult time finding her place within the staff community. She had missed a couple of days during “Work Week,” when the staff mow the lawn, rake the leaves, move fallen trees and paint different buildings getting the site ready for the arrival of campers.

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