May 2015

5th Eastern Sunday (Note & Bulletin)

St Paul to the Corinthians I

By far, the most popular reading at a Christian wedding is the passage from St Paul’s letter to the Corinthians, in which Paul writes that “Love is patient; love is kind.” When I see that the bride and groom have chosen this passage, I always hope that they’ve included the preceding paragraph.

Sacramental Preparation

Are you hoping to have your child baptized in the near future? Are you looking to prepare for the Sacrament of Marriage? Perhaps you, yourself are, or someone you know is considering becoming a Roman Catholic? For details on the process of preparation for any of the Sacraments, call the Parish Pastoral Centre at 416-924-6257.

Humanitarian Aid for Nepal

Next Sunday, at all of our masses, we will have a collection for victims of the recent earthquake in Nepal. The earthquake and aftershocks have devastated huge areas of country with more than 4,000 people reported dead and many more injured and thousands of families displaced from their homes.

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