August 2015

Catholic Missions In Canada & Scarboro Foreign Missions Collection

This weekend there will be an opportunity for those who wish to contribute to the Scarboro Foreign MissionsCatholic Missions In Canada (formerly The Catholic Church Extension Society of Canada). Simply place your offerings into one of the envelopes provided in the pe

18th Sunday (Bulletin)

The Reading of the sixth chapter of John’s Gospel continues in the Liturgy of the Word of this Sunday. We are in the synagogue of Capernaum where Jesus was giving his well-known discourse after the multiplication of the loaves. The people had sought to make him king but Jesus had withdrawn, first, to the mountain with God, with the Father, and then to Capernaum.

Alpha for Catholics (UPDATED)

Did you know that many Canadians do not have a faith tradition?  Even among those baptized, many do not actively live their faith and many have lost their faith.  As a consequence there are many life questions that can go unexplored and unanswered. Alpha Catholic is a gentle program of evangelization.

Church Renovations

Renovations on the church are scheduled to start the first week of August and continue through November. Work begins on the foundation and the bricks and so you will soon notice scaffolding, fencing and a boom-lift for the brick work. A number of parking spots in the south-west corner (near the rectory) will need to be designated for construction materials and a trailer.

Capital Campaign: Update

The third and final phase our Capital Campaign is ready to begin. This will entail a general mail-out of campaign packages to all who have not yet received a visit or a package. If you have been visited or have taken a package already, but have not returned your pledge card, we ask you to do so soon.

Upcoming Events