February 2016

3rd Lenten Sunday (Bulletin)

We're sorry, but Fr Sullivan was unable to provide us with his thoughts for this week. Please see enclosed for the weekly parish bulletin.


Altar of Repose

At the end of the Holy Thursday Mass the Blessed Sacrament is carried in procession through the church. The church is emptied of the Eucharistic bread which is carried and placed in an Altar of Repose where we will enter into a period of solemnity and adoration before the Eucharist.

Christianity: Our Reminder

Over the next three Sundays those who have been preparing for the Sacraments of Initiation in our community will be called to celebrate the


2nd Lenten Sunday (Note & Bulletin)

My favourite Memorial Acclamation in the Liturgy of the Eucharist is Option #3.  The people acclaim: “Save us, Saviour of the world, for by your Cross and Resurrection you have set us free.”  As Christians our goal is union with God, that is, God himself.

1st Lenten Sunday (Note & Bulletin)

Whenever I feel tempted to sin or give in to sinfulness, there’s always a reason.  It never just happens, it happens because for a reason.  When I derail it’s usually because another’s words or actions have made me feel smaller.  And when I feel smaller, my temptation is to make myself bigger.  With my words and actions I want to sho

Family Day

The 3rd Monday in February is a statutory holiday called “Family Day”. Schools will be closed, as will many offices, including our Parish Office. While it is merely a civic holiday, it is an opportunity to reflect on the gift and importance of families. From our families that we first learn about our faith and about the faithful and saving love of God.

Upcoming Events

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Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes
2019 Feb 11 - 19:00