October 2016

27th Sunday (Note & Bulletin)

In my second year novitiate, I was assigned to be Guest Master. My job was to insure that the room was cleaned for an incoming guest and also cleaned when they left. When I had completed this work, I would almost always go to my Superior to tell him it was done.

Parishioner Registration

If you have moved or are new to the parish, please let us know by filling out one of our Parishioner Registration forms located at the back of the church. You can drop the completed forms at the Welcome Desk in Bernadette Hall. Or email us at parish@ourladyoflourdes.ca.

Lourdes Food Bank Food Drive!

Week to week and month to month throughout the year this vital parish ministry consistently and faithfully reaches out to help the people of our neighborhood. August 2015 to September 2016 our food bank served 8091 adults and children.

We're Counting (on) You!

We have once again been asked by the Archdiocese to conduct a “head count” after the homily during our Sunday Masses. This will take place over a couple of Sundays before and after Thanksgiving. The counting will be done by parish volunteers with counters provided by the Archdiocese. The process will not disrupt any of the Sunday Masses.

Techniques for connecting with God

Join us October 3rd, 5th & 6th at 7:30pm in the church for a series of workshops led by Fr Richard Soo, SJ entitled 'Everyday Spirituality for Everyone: Techniques for connecting with God'. The theme of the evenings will be the joy of prayer and discovering ways of prayer that will help lead to a deeper, fuller relationship with God.

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