March 2017

4th Lenten Sunday (Note & Bulletin)

On the last day of school in my first year in Jamaica, I remember an interaction I had with a student. As exams were coming up and religion was not high on their priorities, I lost my temper with this young man who was studying for some other course.

Refugee Sponsorship

The latest projection is that our Refugee Family will be arriving in Canada in three months. We really have two families, as the oldest daughter is now married and has a child, so we are sponsoring nine people. Our immediate need is for a safe and clean storage space before we can begin asking for donations of furniture and household goods.

Children’s Gospel Passion Play

Every year at our Good Friday Morning Family Service we have the Children’s Gospel Reenactment of the Passion. Rehearsals are scheduled for the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of Holy Week at 6:00pm in the Church. The children chosen for specific parts and readings will come from the list of those children who attend the rehearsals.

Parish Choir

Calling all singers who would like to participate in parish choirs for our Holy Thursday Mass (7:30pm) and Good Friday Mass (3:00pm). The following rehearsals have been scheduled:

State Sponsored Suicide Amendment (Notice)

Legislative Notice re State Sponsored Suicide Amendment

The Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs will meet to consider Bill 84, An Act to amend various Acts with respect to medical assistance in dying.

The Committee intends to hold public hearings in Toronto on Thursday, March 30th,

3rd Lenten Sunday (Note & Bulletin)

During this Lent, I’ve been thinking a lot about the expression of the Christian life.  We often think of the Christian life in terms of the moral or ethical life.  This means that there are good things that Christians should do and bad things that Christians should avoid.&nbs

Upcoming Events

Shepherds' Trust
2017 Nov 19 - 08:00
Social Outreach Mini Fair
2017 Nov 19 - 09:30
Eucharistic Ministers' Workshop
2017 Nov 26 - 09:30