June 2017

Marygrove Camp Collection

This weekend there will be an opportunity for those of you who may wish to contribute to the St Vincent de Paul’s Marygrove Camp. Envelopes will be made available in your pews and we ask you to please place your envelopes in the Offertory basket with the regular Offertory collection.

Pentecost Sunday (Note & Bulletin)

All of us desire to live a life faithful to Jesus Christ.  We do not wake up in the morning saying to ourselves, “Today, I want to be a hypocrite, today I want to be dishonest to myself, to others and to God.” Amd so we think of different methods or practices from which we can gain a sense of confidence that we&rsquo

Feast of St Anthony

You are invited to come and celebrate the Feast of St Anthony on June 12th at 6:30pm with participation in the Rosary, Novena & Vespers in the church; and, on June 13th at 6:30pm with celebration of the Fea

Working Wonders

Working wonders for those who need help in our neighbourhood....

Feast of The Sacred Heart

In anticipation of the Feast of The Sacred Heart, Friday, June 23th we invite you to join us in praying the Novena to The Sacred Heart from Wednesday, June 21st to Thursday, June 22nd. You will find the prayers for the Novena inserted in next weekend’s bulletin.

Parish Picnic

Mark the NEW date!

Upcoming Events