September 2017

23rd Ordinary Sunday (Note & Bulletin)

A few years ago at Camp Ekon one of our camp counselors had a difficult time finding her place within the staff community.  She had missed a couple of days during “Work Week,” when the staff mow the lawn, rake the leaves, move fallen trees and paint different buildings getting the site ready for the arrival of campers.

Christian Life Program

Come and join the Couples for Christ: Christian Life Program (CLP) starting September 16th, from 6 to 9pm in the Library. The CLP is for everyone, it is free and Kids Watch is available. Please contact Jojo and Rosa at 416-434-9381.

22nd Ordinary Sunday (Note & Bulletin)

The call of the Christian, with regard to love, is unequivocal – we are called to love no matter the what. The sentence seems simple and easily agreeable, yet we know from our own lives that it is not so simple, nor so easy. There are things we have experienced that all left scars on our hearts.

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The Contact link was broken for a short time, but it has been corrected and is back in operation. In the future, if you have any complaints or concerns about the performance of the site, please don't hesitate to drop me a note to alert me to the issue.

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