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Singbang Gabi

Christmas Novena

Join us in a Christmas Novena from December 15th to December 23rd.
Mass begins each night at 7:30pm in the Church.

(Except Sunday – 7pm Sunday Mass) Followed by a reception. All Are Welcome! 

Confessions During Advent

Here's our Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession) schedule for Advent!

Christmas Schedule

Here's our Sacrament of Eucharist (Holy Mass) schedule for Christmas & New Year's Eve!

3rd Advent (Note, Bulletin, Schedule)

I remember a philosophy professor of mine presenting us with a question.  He asked which would you prefer at your wedding, to have a musician play the songs you’ve chosen or the songs that the musician has chosen?

2nd Advent (Note & Bulletin)

When I was working in Thunder Bay among the Native Peoples for a few months some years ago, I remember how much they appreciated the ministry of one of the Jesuits.  They said that they did not want him transferred because he made them feel better about themselves.  His “success” in his ministry as a priest was not identified with the establishm

Church Envelopes Available

The 2017 Church Envelopes are available at the back of the Church. They are set up in alphabetical order. Please take the box with your name on it home today. 

Thank You!

We want to express our gratitude to everyone who helped out with our Church work day last Saturday. Together the group tackled our “to do” list with great enthusiasm and a lot of hard work. Thank you to David, who coordinated the work, and everyone who joined in with joy and a little elbow grease. You did a great job! 

2016 Donations & Tax Receipts

According to Tax laws, the Church can only issue income tax receipts for 2016 for donations received by the Church in 2016. If the office receives any money after December 31st (either in the offertory basket or in the mail) the donation can only be used in 2017.

Upcoming Events