Recent News

Construction/Renovation Update

The renovation work has been continuing but due to some unforeseen delays in receiving building permits etc, the work got off to a later start than we anticipated. Due to the initial delays all the work was pushed back by several weeks and now that we are into November the weather is a little more unpredictable.

31st Sunday (Note & Bulletin)

The Sacrament of Reconciliation is by and large, for most of us, the most awkward sacrament we practice. I know for myself, when the time comes around for me to confess, I often try to avoid or postpone it.

30th Sunday (Bulletin)

We're sorry, but Fr Sullivan was unable to provide us with his thoughts for this week.
Please see enclosed for the weekly parish bulletin.

Annual Christmas Dinner

Our annual St Vincent de Paul Christmas Dinner will be held in the Parish on Friday, December 9th for couples and singles, and on Saturday, December 10th for families with children.

Outreach to the Housebound

Majo Saavedra, a parishioner here at Our Lady of Lourdes is currently conducting a study in the parish for her final project for Ryerson University. This project, looking at community engagement, will involve people who are experiencing challenges in staying connected to the parish community due to illness and infirmity.

Sunday Missals

The new Liturgical Year begins on Sunday, November 27th, with The 1st Sunday of Advent. The new missals will then be in the pews.

Church Bulletin Advertising

Liturgical Publications will be setting up the advertisements for our Weekly Parish Bulletin. The advertising will begin in November of 2016 and supports the bulletin service. Please support the bulletin and advertise your product or service! Call 905-624-4422.

Updating our Parish Lists

Before we issue the 2017 boxes of Offertory Envelopes, we need to update our list of parishioners.

Upcoming Events