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Corpus Christi (Note & Bulletin)

A Jesuit once told me that for an Experiment, while in Formation, he was to go to Mexico and live with a family. He objected, saying he didn’t speak Spanish and so could be of little use to the people. His Superior said, “Exactly!” The Jesuit was told he needed to learn how to receive.

Trinity Sunday (Note & Bulletin)

The devil is a great liar...

Help Us With Our Gardens

Do you have Hostas growing in your garden? 

We would be very grateful for cuttings as part of our new plantings on Earl Street and we will get them planted. We would also be very thankful for four white flowering rose bushes to replace the ones killed by our heavy winter. Thank you for helping us and appreciating our work in the church gardens.

Volunteers Needed For our Annual Parish Bazaar

Preparations are beginning for our Annual Parish Bazaar and we are looking for people who would like to help out.

Pentecost Sunday (Note & Bulletin)

When I was a Jesuit novice I was sent on my hospital experiment to work with the Little Sisters of the Poor in St Louis Missouri.  I would eat my supper later in the evening because one of my responsibilities was to help feed the patients.  And so, after their supper, I would go down into the ki

7th Sunday of Easter (Note & Bulletin)

One of the strongest images from my time in Jamaica occurred with the military incursion on our neighbourhood in which so many people were killed. At one point I remember cautiously looking out a window and seeing a crowd of about fifty women and children screaming and running up the lane to seek safety from the army’s gunshots.

6th Sunday of Easter (Note & Bulletin)

When I became Pastor of St Annie’s in Jamaica I was warned about a difficult person who was not well liked by the others members of the church. She knew this and so she would do things to try to irritate them even more. One of her best techniques was to sing during the Prayers of the Faithful. The more it bothered people, the longer her song.

5th Sunday of Easter (Note & Bulletin)

When we first entered as Jesuit Novices, I can remember being impressed by some, thinking them terrific, and not being so impressed with others.

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