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6th Sunday of Easter (Note & Bulletin)

When I became Pastor of St Annie’s in Jamaica I was warned about a difficult person who was not well liked by the others members of the church. She knew this and so she would do things to try to irritate them even more. One of her best techniques was to sing during the Prayers of the Faithful. The more it bothered people, the longer her song.

5th Sunday of Easter (Note & Bulletin)

When we first entered as Jesuit Novices, I can remember being impressed by some, thinking them terrific, and not being so impressed with others.

CWL 50/50 Winner!

As part of their rummage sale at the beginning of March, Catholic Women’s League had 50/50 raffle draw with a winning jack-pot of $268.00. The winning ticket number was #725734. Unfortunately, the winning ticket does not have the contact information needed to contact the winner.

Lourdes Food Bank Needs You!

Lourdes Food Bank is looking for volunteers for the sorting of food, preparation of hampers, and clean up we need the following shifts filled: Monday from 1-3:00pm we are looking for two people; Wednesday from 9-11:30am we need two people; Wednesdays from 1-3:00pm we also need two people; and Thursdays from 1-3:00pm we need one person.

4th Sunday of Easter (Note & Bulletin)

Last year was my first time presiding at Confirmations. Of the different sacraments, Confirmation is the one that seems downplayed, like in a way it is no big deal, like it is some kind of graduation.

Pastor's Pen, 3rd Sunday of Easter

One of the most interesting things about almost all the first resurrection accounts is that the disciples and apostles did not recognize the Risen Lord.  For example, Mary Magdalene thought he was a gardener; St. Peter though he was a man standing on the beach; and today, two disciples though the Risen Lord was simply an intriguing conversationalist.

Pastor's Pen, 2nd Sunday of Easter

We tend to be either optimists or pessimists. For some the glass is always half empty, while for others it is always half full.

Pastor's Pen, Easter Sunday

I was devastated when my father died. I was sixteen years old and my father had been the most important person in my life. We would work together around the house on weekends, we would watch old cowboy or war movies together after our Saturday chores, and for most evenings, we would drive to some small arena for hockey practice or a game.

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